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Composition:- Solanum Lycopersicum 3X, Allium Cepa 3X, Badiaga 3X,Grindelia Q Ambrosia Q, Sabadilla 3X,Pothos Foetidus 3X, Squillo Q, Arundo Q.

Indication:- Allergy due to all type of dust, common allergy as rhinitis paroxysmal, sneezing, running eyes and nose Itching of eyes and throat.

लक्षण:- सभी प्रकार के धूल के कारण होने वाली एलर्जी , सामान्य एलर्जीजैसे नाक की सूजन , आँख नाक से पानी बहना और गले मे खराश।

Dosage:- Adults: 15 to 20 drops with 1/4 cup of water – once a day.(Children half of the dosage of adult) or As। Directed By the physician

Packing :- 30ml.