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Composition:- Arnica Montana 3x Cactus Grandiflorus 3x Crataegus Oxyacantha 2xMelilotus Alba 3x Rauvolfia Serpentina Q Valeriana officinalis 2x Viscum Album 3x.

Indication:- Useful in controlling both low and high fag blood pressure. Disturbance of blood pressure is due to: hypertension or hypotension. Excess or low intake of = calories.

लक्षण :- अव्यवस्थित स्नायुविक क्रिया के कारण उत्पन्न उच्च व निम्नरक्त चाप। मानसिक निराशा को दूर करने व रक्तचाप को नियन्त्रित करने में सहायक।

Dosage:- Adults: 15-20 drops 3-4 times a day 1/4 cup with lukewarm water. or As Directed By the physician

Packing:- 30m.