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Oce Lapset H


लक्षण : 1.ब्याहने से पहले व बाद में फूल दिखाना या पाछा दिखाना। 2. गुदा निकालना। 3.जोर मारना या बच्चेदानी को पीछे धकेलने की प्रवृत्ति । 4. गर्भपात का खतरा होना।


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Action : 1. Strengthens the pelvic ligaments & broad ligaments 2. Tightens the vulvar spincter

3. Contracts the uterina & rectal muscles 4. Maintains the normal position & size of uterus.
Dosage: 20 drops to be given orally on 1/4 piece of roti (or spray I ml. directly in mouth with small syringe) 3 times a day for 3 day.
For small animal (SHEEP, GOAT, DOG ETC.)- Reduce dosetohalf(10drops)
Give medicine 1/2 hour before or I hour after meals.
Packing: 30ml.
Use as directed by the veterinarian

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30 ml